After the life changing loss of a wife or partner men often:

  • wonder if there is anyone who understands how they feel
  • need someone they can talk with
  • want reliable information about what to expect
  • don’t have a local men’s support group to turn to for help.

Through the National Widowers’ Organization’s “Widower to Widower” peer support program, volunteer widowers are available to contact another widower.

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You are not alone! A sympathetic ear and a helping hand.

Most widowers who have met others who also experienced the loss of their wife can attest to the power of this shared connection. It is often another widower who can recommend a book, connect someone to a support group or another resource, or simply provide reassurance.

How do I request being put in touch with another widower?

Simply contact the National Widowers’ Organization by clicking here and completing the contact request form.  Your request will be evaluated against the database of other widowers and you will be matched whenever possible to a widower who:

  • is within ten years of age,
  • who has the same/similar parenting status.

You’ll receive an email from The National Widower’s Organization with the name and email address of your contact.  From that point on it is up to you two individuals make contact and share your experiences.

Can I request this for a family member or friend?

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the program and how sharing information about it can help someone.  However, widowers who are family or friends should be motivated and interesting in participating in the program on their own. You can reach us by email at or by calling 800-309-3658 for more information.

Is this a counseling service?

No, this is not a mental health or counseling service.  Volunteers may be able to provide information, based on their own experiences, about finding mental health professional or support groups.

Request a Widower to Widower contact

Contact us by clicking here and completing a contact request so that we can match you to one of the volunteer widowers in our “Widower to Widower” Program and arrange a contact for you.

You can also fill out the request form right on this web page: