Loss, Grief, and Life

Confounded by grief, people are literally at a loss for everything. The return from despair can be long, and the return always takes different paths. Sandy Broyard, Sam Feldman and George Cohn reflect on grief, bereavement and recovery and what the process may mean for others.

Turning His Grief Into a Support System

On Wednesday Sam Feldman pulled up a picture of a bathing beauty on his iPad. It was his wife, Gretchen, when she was only 20, the year he met her.

Sam Feldman helps widowers struggling with loss.

30 minutes with The Men’s Bereavement Network Founder

Men grieve differently.

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Widowers Stick Together

When you’re a man grieving the death of your wife or partner, casseroles just don’t cut it.

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Men Grieve Differently

Pat Farnack interviews Sam Feldman for “The Health and Well Being Report”

Odd Guy Out

Pat Farnack interviews Perry Garfinkel for “The Health and Well Being Report”

Your Life, Your Relationships show on Progressive Radio Network

With Sam Feldman and Hollis Polk

On The Vineyard, Men Who Don’t Grieve On An Island

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Men in Grief Seek Others Who Mourn as They Do

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Raising Grieving Children

Dr. Phyllis R. Silverman, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Widowers’ Organization recently spoke about dealing with grief and bereavement in a video sponsored by the Open To Hope Foundation.