Take advantage of the newest resource for widowers – The Secret Maps Project

Documentary film director Maryann Manelski released a trio of films called the Secret Maps Project. The Secret Maps Project advocates for the continued support of bereavement groups as well as providing material to act as a guidepost for the grieving. The objectives of the Project are ones which the National Widowers’ Organization supports. We invite widowers and professionals to view these extraordinary works by taking advantage of the access Ms. Manelski has made available to us.

For individuals: The documentary film, the Secret Map of Surviving Loss features five brave souls sharing their experiences of grief as it lays out the common journey which every soul traverses in grieving the loss of a person they loved.  Both instructional and transformative, the film shows the pattern by which individuals make meaning and map their ways to new life understandings.  Most importantly, it shows we do heal.  To stream the film online, please click the link above and use the discount code: NWO2015.  It provides for free viewing. To use the discount code ->Click the “Rent” button on the video’s page and then the “Apply Promo Code” link at checkout. This will provide for free viewing.

For professionalsThe Secret Maps Project for Hospice and Grief Professionals is a set of five films created to support your work with the grieving as well as to develop and educate your staff.  Visit the Surviving Loss website to learn more about this set of tools and how they can help you.  Organizational discounts are available through the National Widowers’ Organization website by using the discount code: group30.  This will provide you with a 30% discount.

The Secret Map of Surviving Loss from Elm Films on Vimeo.